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"Open your eyes, open your ears, and most importantly open your mind to receiving the truth about what really happened on 9-11. Once you do that, then you will become an activist and advocate for the 9-11 Truth Movement." - Founder of 911research.net and 9-11truthmovement.org

What is the purpose of this web site? The U.S. Government account of September 11, 2001 is one of the greatest lies ever told in American history! For too long, the American people have been misled by the United States Government and the mainstream media in America. That must change. This is a web site devoted to 9-11 research, activism, and bringing change to America. The best way to bring change is to inform the American public about relevant and important issues that pertain to them. We begin with September 11, 2001 (9-11) and what  really happened that day. We show you where to find the evidence and eyewitness accounts which show that the United States Government deliberately lied and covered up the events of that day. We are calling for a new congressional investigation into the September 11, 2001 (9-11) attacks on America. We are asking the Congressional Black Caucus to ask both houses of the United States Congress to hold open / public hearings televised on C-SPAN. We are also asking that every visitor to this web site contact their United States Senators and United States Representatives. Click here to contact the United States Congress.  Each of us must do our part to bring about change in America.

"All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing."  - Edmund Burke, British Statesman and Philosopher 1729-1797

What really happened on September 11, 2001?

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We begin with the testimony of William Rodriguez. 
He is the "National Hero" of 9-11. He had to testify before the 9-11 Commission in a "secret / behind closed doors" meeting. His testimony was never included in the official final 9-11 Commission Report.

Click here to watch his riveting and shocking eyewitness account as he tells what really happened at the Twin Towers on 9-11.

north tower on fire september 11, 2001 9/11

To see an eyewitness account of the "alleged" Flight 93 near Shanksville, Pennsylvania click here.

The real truth about the 9-11 event near Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Click here.

The photo below shows the impact crater of "alleged" Flight 93 which crashed in a field near Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

shanksville, pa impact crater of alleged Flight 93

The photos below show the Pentagon after the 9-11 attacks.

pentagon photo of 9/11 attack

september 11, 2001 damage to pentagon photo

daytime view of damage to the pentagon

Click here to watch amazing eyewitness accounts of the "alleged" Flight 77 before it hit the Pentagon.

To see the white airplane that hit the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 click here. This video is taken from the official Pentagon video surveillance footage recorded on September 11, 2001 and it was released to the general public in 2006.

Please note: The United States Government says it was an American Airlines aircraft that hit the Pentagon but you can clearly see the aircraft is white. American Airlines aircraft (in 2001) were silver colored. Please note: Take a good look at the vertical stabilizer (the rear part of the aircraft that is vertical). American Airlines aircraft have the AA logo painted on the vertical stabilizer. The aircraft in the Pentagon surveillance video has no AA logo or any red / blue color whatsoever on the vertical stabilizer. That shows it is NOT an American Airlines aircraft that hit the Pentagon.

Also, there were no human body parts (arms, hands, legs, feet, torso, head) found on the lawn at the Pentagon. No passenger luggage was found on the Pentagon lawn and no passenger clothing was found on the Pentagon lawn. This is overwhelming evidence that no one was on board the "alleged" Flight 77 when it hit the Pentagon. The same is true for the "alleged" Flight 93 that crashed outside Shanksville,
Pennsylvania. Why didn't the 9-11 Commission investigate this? Answer: It was kept secret from them by the FBI, Pentagon, CIA, and the Bush Administration. This is major criminal conduct and obstruction of justice, and this is why we as Americans must stand together and take action now! Contact Congress now!

We ***highly recommend*** that you watch a video by David Chandler. He is a high school physics teacher who explains the "physics" of how and why the north tower (Building 1), south tower (Building 2), and Building 7 collapsed. This is a "MUST-SEE" video to watch.

Click here to watch his video.

Also download and install "iTunes" software on your computer. Then go to their "podcasts" section where you can download free podcasts.  We recommend that you download "Visibility 9-11" and you can also listen to other free audio podcasts anytime on your computer or portable mp3 player.

Do you like rap music? Click here to watch a famous 9-11 rap video.

Click here to watch one of the best 9-11 documentary films ever made.

Click here to learn more about the 9-11 Truth Movement.

Click here to watch former CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) employee and "whistleblower" Susan Lindauer as she talks about 9-11. This is a "MUST-SEE" video to watch.

Click here to hear The Alex Jones Show (Radio Show). It is a full 5 hour broadcast which was recorded on September 11, 2001.

Click here to hear Kevin Barrett's Truth Jihad Radio. This show was broadcast on March 2, 2014. The topic of discussion is the 9-11 Truth Movement. Note: please make sure you have the correct version of Adobe Flash Player. The correct version will depend on which web browser you are using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome), since they each have their own separate versions of Adobe Flash Player.

Click here to hear Massimo Mazzucco talk about his film "September 11 - the New Pearl Harbor". It is an excellent radio interview.

Click here to hear The Corbett Report special broadcast on 9/11 whistleblowers (Highly Recommended)

We invite you to watch a video review of our web site. The video review is on YouTube.
Click here to watch the video review.

We also invite you to hear our radio ad that has been playing on various radio stations in America. Click here to listen.

*****Author and historian Webster Tarpley talks about the 46 drills of 9-11. Click here to listen.***** (Highly Recommended)

*****Watch the Webster Tarpley 9-11 debate. Click here to watch.***** (Highly Recommended)

*****Listen to Len Osanic of Black Op Radio as he talks with James Corbett about 9-11. Click here to listen.***** (Highly Recommended)

*****Listen to John B. Wells as he interviews Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Click Here to listen.*****

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